Cotton and Increase Mather

Demon Book Writers, Cotton And Increase Mather

Cotton and Increase Mather are father and son writers. They wrote 7 terrifying books about witchcraft. One of the most terrifying and most popular book that cotton Mather wrote would be memorable Providences. Which was written in 1682. After some more demon books came out a doctor believed the books and told rev. Paris that his daughter was bewitched.
Some time after that an older woman stopped at rev Parris's house and begged for food. When she walked away she mumbled something. Rev. Parris still scared from finding out his daughter was bewitched. Rev. Parris thought it was a curse because the food might not have been good enough for her.

When the witch trials started in Salem village 1692, it left people in a dire and a vengeful situation.

A trusted Salem village citizen informed me that he heard a multitude of people saying "these witch trials are just a pointless situation that is making me full of wrath." The same trusted Salem village citizen also informed me that he also heard a different multitude of people saying "I think the Mathers started it all with their 7 demon books.
Rev. Paris took the pulpit of Salem village were the witch trials was the most focused. Which causes Cotton and Increase Mather to move to Salem. When the father and son demon writers arrived everyone flocked around the asking questions. One of the main questions of many was, " did you really experience all 7 of the demon books even memorable Providences." Cotton Mather responded by obviously saying "yes we did experience them all. Including memorable Providences."
At first cotton and increase with the witch trials until increase Mather preached against the Salem witch trials realizing that innocent blood was being shed and that the Salem court ran rampant without concern for the advice from anybody even the people of Salem village. After increase Mather preached against the Salem witch trials, the Salem witch trials slowly stopped and the all the people realized all the people they killed just because of a story that was not even real.
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