5 Super and FREE Educational Apps!

Works well the Elementary school setting!

educreations app

Educreations app is an awesome way to create notes, diagrams and pictures during class time or during a lesson. You can record what you write, you can save it and transfer them to various social medias as well. This app provides a wide range of flexibility with pen color, type of paper and allowing the incorporation of pictures from the camera, photos, dropbox and/or web. There is also a simple text option. Regardless if you are an educator or student, this is a great app for keeping notes organized and easy accessible to all.

Bug Builder App

This app targets more of the younger audience in the Elementary school setting. What Bug Builder allows the children is to build and create their own bug. By providing many bug templates, children can customize many colors to let their imagination explode in how they want their "dream" bug to be. This is a great app in introducing colors and shapes to the children who are in their younger developmental stages.

Shapes App

Just like the previous listed app, this app again most likely target those children in their younger ages. This Shapes app is similar to a read it out loud story book, where there is an option for you to read if yourself or it will read it out for you. It introduces many basic shapes such as square, circle, triangle while incorporating a story line to the shapes. This is a great tool because it simultaneously teaches shapes, colors, story telling and story listening skills.

SpellingCity App

SpellingCity App is a great app to focus on spelling words. In this free version, there are already sample lists that are categorizes and listed by specific grades. On the right side, you can choose how you want to practice your words with. Some examples of these activities are HangMouse (similar to Hangman), Missing Letter, Alphabetize and Audio Word Match. By providing many choices in this app, SpellingCity is a phenomenal way to enhance children's spelling skills so that they will get an A on their next spelling test!

Grade 1 Math App

This name of this app says it all -- math for first graders. However, this app puts a little spin and creativity when answering these questions. The setting here is underwater where you are building an ocean full of sea friends. In order to have new friends in your ocean, you must answer questions about math correctly. Some of the questions asked in Grade 1 Math are multiple choices, or sometimes they give you two answers to choose from. I think this is great because it narrows down the possibilities for the first graders in a more simplistic way while maintaining creativity of the ocean in math!