PALs Reading Corner

February Edition

Welcome Jessica Keats Curtis

The Library Media Center is proud to announce that the PreKindergarten through 5th grade students at Oak Pointe Elementary will have the opportunity to meet children’s author, Jessica Keats Curtis, of the South Carolina Award Nominee book "Kali's Story", "The Lucky Litter", "Turtles in My Sandbox" and countless other books. Ms. Curtis will visit the students on Monday, March 9 for two programs - 12:15-1:00 and 1:15 -2:15 p.m. in the theater. All books that were preordered will be autographed by the author. The books will be distributed to the classrooms on Tuesday. Find out more about Ms. Curtis at & the Kali's Booktrailer. Order your book today!

Author Visit/Presentation Agenda

The author's presentation will be held in the school theater at the following times:

12:30 - 1:15 for PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, Fifth and Second grades

1:30 - 2:15 for First, Third and Fourth grades

Come and learn about the protection of our animal friends!

Congratulations to...

The following students have read the 2015-16 South Carolina Children's Book Award Nominees (SCCBA) and South Carolina Reader's Challenge (SCPBA) as part of the "Read 3 Get One Free" program and have reached the following levels:

Level One: (All students have read 3 books and received a free book from the Prize Bin)

  • Abigail P.
  • Aly L.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Ashlyn N.
  • Bogi S.
  • Brienne N. (*Book Challenge club member)
  • Bryce R. (*Book Challenge club member)
  • Canaan D.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Caroline H.
  • Carter R.
  • Cassia H.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Derrick M.
  • Ella M.
  • Emalee N.
  • Emily D.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Emma D.
  • Hannah S.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Jahri E.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Joe H.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Jude L.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Kate P.
  • Kennedy J.
  • Kyndal S. (*Book Challenge club member)
  • Logan McC.
  • Luke P.
  • Mallorie B.
  • Michaela G.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Nicholas M. (*Book Challenge club member)
  • Paris Y. (*Book Challenge club member)
  • Reed M.
  • Rex S.
  • Santino R.
  • Shirley T. (*Book Challenge club member)
  • Summer B.
  • Tegan B. (*Book Challenge club member)
  • Zelia R.
  • Mrs. Dorsey (4th Grade teacher)

Level Two: (All students have read 6 books and received a free book from the Prize Bin)

  • Phoenix P.
  • Jacob C.
  • Seth C.
  • Zara H.(*Book Challenge club member)
  • Trenton L.

Level Three: (All students have read 9 books and received a free book from the Prize Bin)

    Lacey C. (*Book Challenge club member)

  • Level Four: (All students have read 10+ books & received a free book from the Prize Bin)
    • Ally M. (*Book Challenge club member)
    • Sofia S.

  • **Over 35 students have taken the challenge and have been rewarded for sharing their knowledge about the books. All third grade students who reach Level 3 and all fourth and fifth grade students who reach Level 4 by reading 12 of the nominee books will receive a reading medal, certificate and an invitation to a special recognition breakfast in April 2016.
  • Heaps Reading Nook Dedication Ceremony

    On June 2, 2014, a ceremony was held in memory of Melissa Heaps. She loved the library, sharing the joy of reading with children and Skippyjon Jones, her favorite character with everyone. The Heaps Reading Nook video shows that it will be a place for children to continue their love of reading...just what Melissa would have wanted for all!

    OPES Media Center Contact information:

    Angela Durham

    Library Media Specialist

    Valerie Decoteau

    Media Assistant