Humans Impact on The Earth



Hi! I'm Sydney and I'm here to talk to you about how humans impact the earth and it's water. Let's get started.

Cleaning Dishes by Hand

If you wash your dishes by hand it takes way more water than it does the dishwasher. Most people that don't have a dishwasher would wash their dishes by hand for about...... 45 minutes. That takes 180 gallons of water that's a lot.

Using The Dishwasher

If you run the dishwasher about 2 times a week you would use 3 gallons of water and if you washed them in the dishwasher 2 times a week it takes 5 gallons of water.

Bath Room

Each flush you use more water comes back. But if you and everyone that's there at your house uses the bathroom 4 times a day that would use 20 gallons of water. Water is so important!


Most people don't take baths unless if they have little kids in their house but if so most little kids would take baths about 4 days a week not including the weekend. So that would take 21 gallons of water. If you take baths 2 times a week that takes 10 gallons of water! If 2 baths equals 10 gallons then 1 bath equals 5 gallons of water.


The amount of laundry my family usually does is 6 loads per week which would use 37 gallons of water.


Last but not least, in fact my favorite....... The shower. Most people take showers every day so that would be 5 showers a week which would be......... 200 gallons of water! Be happy your clean because it takes a lot of water for that.


Major bodies of water are important for humans because they can give us fun times and keep alive and healthy, fresh water is very important for us because it helps keep us from getting dehydrated especially when we are doing sports in the heat. Water is and important natural resources in your home for air conditioning, drinking water, swimming in water, and going to the bathroom.

Don't Waste

Water is needed very badly. If you don't drink water then you will die you need water to live. Water is wasted by many people but lots of people waste water by poring it out when they are done with sports when they could put it in the fridge to save for another time, people leave the water when they are brushing their teeth and hands, and they waste it when they are cleaning dishes and doing laundry.


Water is limited so save it, don't waste. On the earth if use your water sometimes it doesn't come back and we need more water for the future.