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Mrs. Donnay's 3rd Grade Classroom Newsletter 2-8-16

Mark Your Calendar

Feb. 11- Valentine's Day Party & 100th Day of School

Feb. 11- Service Day

Feb. 12 - No School - Professional Development Day

Feb. 15 - No School

Feb. 19- Book Club Due

March 12 - Heart of the Arts

Peek at the Week


This week we read our first story in Unit 4 on Earth, Moon, and Sun. The story was called “Sun”, which is a nonfiction story that explains the importance of the sun in our solar system. We worked on reviewing verbs this week and will continue this into next week.


Our history unit on Rome has been great so far! The students have been very engaged, ask a lot of questions, and participated in our best seminar of the year! Ask your child about our Roman Twelve Tables of Law seminar and the writing activity. The students' favorite activity was using their knowledge to persuade others to their way of thinking through an activity called philosophical chairs. This week we will study Augustus Caesar and Roman lands and architecture including: roads, bridges, and aqueducts.


Our spelling test will be on Friday this week. Check out and practice Unit 4 Lesson 2 Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun.


Each month students should bring in examples of the monthly character trait to hang on our class bulletin board. DUE February 11. February's trait is Perseverance. Ask your child how they can show perseverance at school and at home.


What was so special about Roman architecture?

Who was Augstus Caesar?

How is perseverance related to having a growth mindset?

Give examples of times you have shown perseverance. What are some things coming up that having perseverance will help you?

Are you checking your math homework before you turn it in?

Did your planner get signed?

***Bring an example of PERSEVERANCE in the media and bring it to class to hang on the bulletin board.*** DUE February 11.

What's going on in MATH?

Ganz: Measuring Turns, Cumulative Test 14A, OLPA Math Testing, Division with Three-Digit Answers, Mass and Weight

Yannarelly: One Digit Division with a Remainder, The Calendar, Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Thousand, Prime and Composite Numbers, OLPA Math Testing

Donnay: We have been working on fractions on a number line, place value up to a million, reviewed for test 7 and took the OLPA mat test. Please encourage you child to work on at home. We will be starting division soon and students need to know the multiplication facts so that they can be successful at division.

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Valentine’s Day & Service Day

Valentine’s Day & Service Day

Thursday, February 11th

Your child may bring in a decorated bag or box on February 11th. If your child is bringing Valentine’s cards, please make one for every student in the class. A class list will be sent home when the day gets closer. At our party we will pass out and open Valentine’s cards and make a craft. We are encouraging students to bring things other than candy such as: pencils, pens, erasers, stickers, etc. Please do not send candy.

Service Day

National Honor Society is proud to sponsor the All-School Service Day on Thursday, February 11. Service Day allows students in Lower and Middle School the chance to work with Upper School students on a variety of service projects that help the community and various global organizations. The third grade is being asked to donate PAPER TOWEL ROLLS. Thank you for the rolls that have already been coming in. They are going to a great cause!

SCPA Service Day Video
Learn to Type - Dance Mat Typing

Check out this fun typing game. Remind your child to keep their hands on the home row!

Reflex Math

Click on this link to use Reflex Math and practice math facts! Your child has their own login and password. Please email me if you need this information again.

Spelling City

Click on this link to use to practice spelling words. The week's list unit and lesson name is on the top of the spelling sheet in your child's planner.

Lower School General Information Website

Please find any forms, calendars, background check forms, spirit wear days, etc on this webpage.