Jackson the Famous Jackass

By Killion D.

Spoils system

When Jackson was elected president, his friends and family had asked him to give them jobs, even though they knew nothing about the job. So because Jackson liked how his friends and family had supported him during the election he removed almost everyone who had worked for John Quincy Adams to allow his friends and family government jobs. It's friends and family really liked having the important jobs and they were exactly the best at them, but Jaxon didn't really mind that part. This became known as the school system because he had rewarded people he knew and supported him very important jobs.

Jacksonian Democracy

When Jackson was being elected, the suffrage was being expanded from wealthy white men to all average white men. This was happening during the 1820's - 30's, political parties also began holding public conventions to connect with the average white men. Since Jackson had connected with the average white men rather than the wealthy white men, he won the election and became president. This was known as the Jacksonian democracy because the suffrage was expanded during the time Andrew Jackson was elected.

Trail of Tears

When an Cherokee Indian boy sold a gold nugget to a person in Georgia, The word got around about the Cherokee land. Many of Georgia's citizens liked the land because it was fertile and had gold on it, a win- win for them. Georgia began the removal process to get to the land, one Indian goes to court, wins, but doesn't accomplish anything. Jackson gives the OK to to remove the Indians and makes them walk to Oklahoma where 400 Indians die on the journey.
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↑↑↑↑ Jackson political Cartoon ↑↑↑↑

This Cartoon is about how Jackson destroys the national bank. The columns represent the bank coming apart and the building crumbling to its death. The little guy who looks like he has a devil mask on represents the guy in charge of the bank, because Jackson doesn't like him,so to him, he is the devil in a way. Jackson himself is holding the order that removed funds from the Bank and relocated them in state banks, closing the bank for good. He did this by vetoing the law that would renew the bank, ultimately sending it to its doom.

Message From a Cherokee Indian (Anti-Jackson)

In my opinion, and the opinion of all of the Cherokee Indians, Jackson is the WORST person to walk the earth! He has acted like a child, and stole our land, all because he is a selfish-minded, hardheaded, power driven man. Nothing that anyone can say will change how my people will think and act towards him. Everyone who supports him should be ashamed of how he treats others to get what he wants, no one in my tribe has encountered someone like him. He made us walk to our new home that was over 1000 miles away, 1/4 of my people died trying to make this trip. You will all see what I am talking about when you hear about the "trail of tears."

Message From a Factory Worker (Pro-Jackson)

President Andrew Jackson is the best president America has seen! He has been the only one who actually understands how us factory workers make money. He passed the abomination act that has helped the Norths manufacturing income, thus giving its workers more pay. If only South Carolina didn't try to nullify the law, us workers would be sitting pretty in piles of cash! Oh the joy that would come from that. Oh well Jackson still was able to pass a law that did put make the income grow and was able to keep South Carolina from seceding. Now that's what it takes to be a great President.