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How Productive Struggle Move Students

They key to productive struggle is to understand what teacher actions are needed to support productive struggle. To help teachers understand this, I encourage them to complete the table that describes the student actions they might hear and see during productive struggle. Then, describe the teacher actions that promote productive struggle. An example is shown below.

Student actions during productive struggle

  • Students look for entry points into the task.
  • Students list the given information and describing the goal of the task.
  • Students have choice in the solution pathway and feel empowered by their strategies.
  • Students have a sense of hope as they are struggling – they believe they can conquer the task with effort
  • Students say, “I think I got it and here is why. Let me show you my way of thinking.”
  • Students embrace their mistakes and know that failure will produce a better understanding of the task.
  • Students keep trying even after several failed attempts.

  • Collaborative teams work together to predict any potential misconceptions and create probing questions to get students “un-stuck” (Kanold, et al., 2014)

Teacher actions to support productive struggle

  • Teachers choose tasks that have multiple entry points (low floor-high ceiling tasks).
  • Teachers create a community where students know that it is okay to make mistakes. Wrong strategies or solutions are analyzed and used to promote understanding.
  • Teachers provide ample time for students to explore the task.
  • Teachers facilitate discussions around misconceptions and asks, “Show me how you know” or “prove it.”
  • Teachers deliver growth-mindset messages as students persevere through the task.

“Productive struggle = responsive teaching”

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Events and Activities: Week of 09/19/16-09/24/16

Wizard of Oz Practice, Ongoing in Auditorium

Tuesday, 09/20/16:

BOC @ 8:00

Admin Weekly Meeting @ 9:30

Early College Meeting (Vega & Spencer) @ 1:00

LPAC Meeting @ 4:20 (Johnson, Juguilon,Vega,Ward)

Varsity Tennis Game- Sunset vs Woodrow Wilson @ 4:30PM

Sunset JV Volleyball- Sunset vs Seagoville HS @ 6:00 PM Sunset HS GYM

Sunset Varsity Volleyball- Sunset vs Seagoville @ 6:00 PM Seagoville HS

Wednesday, 09/21/16

Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce (Vega) @ 8:00 AM

Art Club meet every Wednesday @4:30-6:30 PM in Room #268

AVID Coordinator Meeting (Lagrone) @ 5:15

Thursday, 09/22/16

Sunset JV Foot Ball—BiWEEK

Yearbook Pictures & ID Badges begin (through science classes, see e-mail)

Blood Drive

Support Staff Meeting @ 4:30 (Location , TBD)

Friday, 09/23/16

CILT @ 8:00 AM

Yearbook Pictures & ID Badges begin (through science classes, see e-mail)

Sunset Varsity Football—Bi WEEK

Sunset JV Volleyball @ 6:00 PM Sunset vs Adamson @ Adamson HS Gym

Sunset Varsity Volleyball @ 6:00 PM Sunset vs Adamson @ Adamson HS Main Gym

Saturday, 09/24/16

Sunset Cross Country Meet @ 8:00 AM Sunset meet Conrad Invitational @ Conrad HS