Horrific Hurricanes

Facts and things to know about hurricanes

How Hurricanes form

Hurricanes can be one of the most destructive natural disasters ever. Now, hurricanes come from tropical storms. First off, they need warm water to form and grow. Second, the winds have to flow to the center low in the atmosphere. Next, winds high in the atmosphere flow away from the storm so that the lower air rises. Then, the air that rises has to be warm and moist so it forms clouds. Last, the winds outside of the storm need to be light.

Cost of hurricanes

Not many hurricanes occur each year. They occur only three or four times a year. But, hurricanes sure do cost tons of money. Hurricanes cost an average of fifteen billion dollars a year in the U.S. Hurricanes are one of the most costly natural disasters ever.

storm surges

Storm surges are flood and tsunami like phenomenons. Storm surges occur during tropical storms such as hurricanes or cyclones. Storm surges push water up on land and cause severe flooding along the coast. They occur in low pressure weather systems. Tropical cyclones and extra tropical cyclones may cause storm surges to happen also.

Hurricanes in the U.S

Hurricanes occur in the United States every year. Here are some of the major hurricanes that happened in the U.S. in 1900 the Great Galveston Hurricane occurred. Also, in 1928 the Okeechobee Hurricane occurred. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina happened as well. The last hurricane is the Louisiana Hurricane that occurred in 1893.

why we need to continue learning about hurricanes

' Hurricanes are still one of the most dangerous storms still today. Also, they are one of the most costly storms still today as well. Hurricanes are really dangerous and can kill thousands of people when they occur. The U.S still faces plenty of hurricanes. That is why we need to keep learning about hurricanes still today.