My Election Poster

by Hailey Braddy

The Election

I learned about the election this month in Mrs. Eubanks' class through our homework, vidoes, and election magazine. The candidates are Obama and Romney. You have to at least 35 years old to run as president.

I learned about when you are 18 years, that's when you can vote. Election Day is November 6th, that's when you cast your vote. We learned about the candidates' families, grandchildren, and wives.

Obama is a Democrat and Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. There are two main parties, but there are more political parties as well. The main parties though are the Democratic and Republican party.

Mitt Romney has been married to Ann Romney since 1969. They have five sons and eighteen grandchildren. That is a lot of grandchildren!

Obama has been married to Michelle Obama since 1992. They have two children. Their names are Malia and Sasha. Obama's name while in college was Barry.

The Election

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