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October 2020

Parent Newsletter October 2020

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Library Happenings

The Global Read Aloud for Stamped Begins October 9th!

Join Dana Duncan and I for a Stamped Global Read Aloud Project with students. Alongside other people from around the world, we will be reading Stamped by Jason Reynolds, discussing each book section on Zoom, and then posting our #GRA20 @anhs_lib comments on Twitter. The Global Read Aloud begins October 9th and runs for six weeks through November 20th.

Reading & Zoom (2-3 pm) Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction – Section 1: October 9-15, Zoom October 16

Week 2: Section 2: October 16-22, Zoom October 23

Week 3: Section 3: October 23-29, Zoom October 30

Week 4: Section 4: October 30-November 5, Zoom November 6

Week 5: Section 5 until page 218: November 6-12, Zoom November 13

Week 6: Page 219 – end: November 13-19, Zoom November 20

In order to listen to the book being read aloud, we will have the audiobook available to those who join our GRA Book Club. If students want to check out a print copy, we can make that available as well.

If you want to join our #GRA20 Book Club, please consider purchasing a print copy of the book and donating it to our student class set. Please let us know if you want to participate and/or are willing to donate a copy by filling out the following Teacher Google Form. Please fill out the form by October 2, 2020 so that we have an initial participant count!

Thank you for posting this Student Google Form in your Classroom to encourage students to participate (Note - this is a different form for the students). This is how they will sign up for the Global Read Aloud and let us know their preference for audiobook vs. print. They will also need to fill the form out by October 2, 2020!

Request for Student Headphones

If students need headphones in your classroom, please fill out the Google Form request to have them delivered.

Curriculum Corner

Culturally Responsive Reads: A Curated Google Site

Click here for a curated list of excellent, culturally responsive titles, to share with your students or incoporate into your curriculum. All types of cultural and gender experiences are included.

Technology Tips and Tools

Curated Tech Tools

Check out the Library Webpage or Symbaloo for a collection of favorite technology applications in the classroom. From presentations to organization, videos to comics, photos to avatars, the opportunities are limitless for you and your students.

Google Images adds Fact Checks!

When you search for an image on Google, you will now see fact check thumbnails from various fact checking sites. This is something students should be on the lookout for!

Click here for a list of fact checking sites!

Creative Commons Resources

Check out this great curated website list for finding photos/images without copyright infringement. Direct your students to any of these websites for access to thousands of photos and images. No attribution needed.

Need Access to Contemporary Music Scores for Free?

Check out the UCLA Music Library for access to hundreds of music scores.

Awesome Table

Filter, design and embed data from your spreadsheet directly into your website for an interactive experience. Easy to use. No coding skills required. Works seamlessly with Google Sites. Check out their templates and how-to videos here.

Student Info for Your Google Classroom - Please Post!

Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

We hosted our virtual Book Club meeting on September 18th for Sadie and They Called Us Enermy. The conversations were amazing - very thoughtful and attuned to social issues and perspectives. Please encourage any students interested in joining to sign up during Club Rush!

Our next two book selections are Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid and Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson. Students can choose which book they would like to read, or they can read both! Pickup for the books takes place during HUB time, Tuesdays to Friday between 2 and 4 pm. Our next Book Club Zoom meeting is on October 28 from 3-4 pm.

Virtural Speed Dating Google Site for Book Selection

Students can listen to or read excerpts from highly recommended books and then select a book they want to checkout from our Library. The site also includes a Choice Board and links to the Roseville and Sacramento Public Libraries!

Library Updates

The Library is still providing material pickup on Tuesdays to Fridays, from 2-4 pm, during HUB time, for the remainder of the Fall term. If students have specific needs or want to request additional research or technology help from me, they can schedule an in-person or Zoom appointment with me through Calendly.

Please Promote the Library Website

Please encourage your students to access my website and the resources that are found there. I have recently reorganized the website to streamline the navigation.

Under Search and Research, students have access to several wonderful databases, including Cameron’s Collection (Health and Wellness ebooks), Gale, ABC-Clio, SIRS Issues Researcher, ProQuest, and more. They also have access to our online library catalog and WebPath Express, which allows them to search vetted websites.

Many student tutorials on how to research, evaluate sources, identify misinformation, access apps and e-texts, and use our online catalog already exist under the Student Help tab in order to help students find information, achieve, and be successful.

Encourage your students to bookmark the Library website and follow me on Instagram @librarygirl7801 and/or Twitter @anhs_lib. You can also post the link in your Google Classroom! Thanks for your support!

Chromebook Help for Students

If your students are having problems with their CBs, have them go to this link for help! Students will fill out a Google Form and pick a day to come to campus and turn in their CBs. They will be given loaners to use until their CBs are repaired.

Library Books

Great News! Students can come during any HUB time, Tuesdays to Fridays, from 2-4 pm, to check out Library books. We will have sanitation stations set up so they can browse the shelves and choose a book safely. Students can also place holds on books through our online catalog and then pick them up in the Library. A screencastify on how to log in to their library accounts and place a hold on a book will be sent out to students and parents, but you can also post it in your Google Classroom for them.

Teacher's Lounge

Teacher and Librarian Collaboration

Remember that I am here to help you with anything from curation, literacy instruction, and lesson collaboration to literature circles. book clubs, book talks identifying misinformation, technology help, student tutorials, and more. Please let me know how I can help you and your students by filling out the following Collaboration Google Form. I will follow up with you based on your preferences. If you prefer to email me, that is fine too!

Password Resets

If students are having problems with their passwords, please email Amanda Scuka at with their first and last name, their grade level, and their student id number. She will be able to reset it for them. If Amanda is out for the day, you can email me at or as a backup.

Materials Distribution Going Forward

We will continue to check out non-core text materials and other supplies to students during Hub Time, Tuesdays through Fridays, from 2- 4pm for the remainder of Distance Learning. Please fill out a Materials Request Google Form so we know when and what students will be coming to the Library for. You do not need to do this for regular textbooks, only for novels and other non-book supplies. If you prefer, you can also email me at

If you are requesting help with non-book materials, please check them out to students with your own numbering system, label them with the student’s name so we give them to the correct person or provide a list of names, and then deliver them to the Library. Then, simply tell your students to come to the Library during HUB time to pick up what they need. Please remind them to wear a mask!

Bookshare and Read & Write for Students with IEPs or a 504 Plan

Any students with 504 or IEPs can access all of their materials in ebook, audiobook, or large print form. Bookshare has an immense collection that includes most textbooks and thousands of free fiction and non-fiction reading materials.

Any teachers or counselors that want to set a student up with Bookshare just needs to let me know who the student is, whether they are on a 504 or an IEP plan, and what their disability is. I can set up an account for the student and assign specific textbooks or reading books or even an entire reading list based on a students' interests (ex. sports books, graphic novels, reluctant reader books, etc...) in about 5 minutes. After setting up an account for the student, I can then share their login credentials with them as well as my tutorials for how to get started accessing their books.

You can email me the student's information, or you can fill out the Bookshare Enrollment Google form for your student(s).

Students with IEPs also have access to the Premium edition of the Read & Write App through the District's site license. I have tutorials for them on how to use the app, and I can also Zoom with them to show them how to use the app in real time if they need any extra help getting started.

Here is the link to my Bookshare and Read & Write App tutorials on my website. Just scroll down to the resource you are interested in.

Cameron's Collection

Recommend these wonderful resources to students who need access to support information or utilize for students doing research on mental health topics. Students can download and access these resources from home as many times as they need to. They can also share them with friends! Students can go to and use the password, titans, to access the eBooks, or they can access them through the Library webpage. Thank you for promoting these important resources!


Do your students need a vetted source for a school project or paper? They can access, on campus or from home, a variety of quality and credible sources right on the AnHS Library Webpage. All logins are now available on one document.

How to Research on ABC Clio Social Science Database

Access student help tutorials for ABC Clio here.

How-to at the AnHS Library

Access student help tutorials for database and Internet searching suggestions or for how to use specific apps, etexts, and our online library catalog. Instructions on accessing current events articles from Gale and WebPath Express are also included.


Find current articles in English or Spanish by visiting the Sacramento Bee News in Education website. Log in as a student using the AnHS Class ID lewis and password 2843 found on our Library website under electronic resources. Once you log in as a student select "Read Today's Paper" to choose The Sacramento Bee or El Nuevo Herald. You can also access many other student resources on their website for use in your classroom.