New Land Great For Farming, Lumbering, Etc.

"A New Elderado" -Carlton C. Qualey

Fort Snelling!

With the protection of Fort Snelling, located in St. Paul, you can be sure that your business can be safe from the British!

Great Soil!

If you hope to start a farm or lumber, you will have lots of luck with the greatest Minnesota soil!

Lot's Of Water For Mills And Transportation!

There are plenty of rivers to run your mills, get water for yourself and animals, and use it as a great way of getting around!

The Amazing New Plow From John Deer™ Is Sold Here!

This brand new plow will help you to plow your fields with less work!


If you run out of resources, you can always gather more great resources from the great Minnesota land!

St. Paul Is Great!

St. Paul is the first and fastest growing colony! Originally called "Pig's Eye Landing" is a great place to live and will most likely be our state's capitol!

Harriot E. Bishop, First Minnesota Teacher!

You can get a great education in Minnesota with Harriot Bishop! Minnesota is civilized because of her teaching!

Best Way To Travel To Minnesota!

The best and most popular way to travel to Minnesota is to take a steam boat because its easy and you wont run out of food. But if your a poor family then most people recommend traveling by wagon.

You'll love the smell of the farm in the morning!