Carl Yuan

Candidate for Director of Institutional Research


8:45--Search Committee Chair (Nelson 220)
9:00--Search Committee (Overstreet 301)
9:30--Human Resources Office (Overstreet)
10:00--Deans and Directors (Overstreet 301)
10:30--IT Personnel (Dolph Camp 202)
11:00--Tour of Campus
11:45--Lunch with Leadership Team
1:00--President's Office (Overstreet)
1:30--Vice Presidents' Council (Overstreet)
2:00--Tour of Magnolia
2:30--Exit with Search Committee Chair (Nelson 220)

Hampton Inn

Sunday, Dec. 14th, 4pm to Monday, Dec. 15th, 3pm

128 Hwy 79 Bypass Magnolia, AR