Hello Kitty

By Aaliyah

Information About Helow Kitty

*Hello Kitty was born on November 1st, 1974
*She lives in London, England with her parents and her twin sister, Mimmy.
*Her Hobbies include traveling, music, reading, eating yummy cookies her sister Mimmy bakes, making new friends and going on adventures.
*Her best school subjects include English, music, visual arts and reading
*Her Parents are George and Mary Bell
*Her blood type is: A+++
*Her favorite food is Apple pie, made by Mary ( Hello Kittys mum)
*A few of many of Hello Kittys friends are, Kathy (a rabbit), Fifi (a sheep), Tracy (a raccoon), Joey (a mouse).
* She likes to collect, small cute things like sweets, stars, goldfish etc.
* She has a pet cat named, Charmmy Kitty and a pet hamster called Sugar,
Charmmy Kitty was given to Hello Kitty by her father, George, and Sugar by Dear Daniel.

Questions About Hellow Kitty


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Is she Pretty?

Dose evry one love Hellow Kitty?

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