Creating Your Own App

Easy Cheesy!

What you need...

  • App Builder Website (I used appmakr)
  • Information you want to share
  • Icons
  • Links
  • My App (still being edited)

Your App

What type of app are you building?

  • Classroom
  • School
  • Personal
  • Social

What information are you going to share?

  • About us
  • Contact
  • People
  • Events
  • Social Networks
  • Website Link
  • Products to Purchase

Who is your desired audience?

  • Parents
  • Students
  • Family
  • Alumni


Steps 1 & 2

If you use Appmakr it is very easy. They tell you step by step. (This will be the most time consuming)

  • Name your app
  • Decide what you are going to share (contacts, photos, etc.)
  • Choose Icon for each, you will choose background for each as well
Big image

Step 3

  • Create the Icon to represent your app
  • Determine tags for your app
  • Are you going to charge for the app?
  • Will it be password protected?


  • Once you publish I have had difficulty editing
  • Takes a while for it to be processed thought iTunes