Back to School Updates

from Longbranch Elementary (Updated July 30)

Students' First Day: August 16th

Welcome New Staff!

Heather Bushelman: School Counselor
Tammy Freihofer: PE Teacher
Susan Niemi: Media Specialist
Melanie Siler: 2nd Grade Teacher

**NEW** Parent Leadership Teams

We just added 6 new parent leadership teams! If you want to lead Boxtops, Childcare, Book Fairs, School Pictures, Spiritwear, or Tailgating this year...please click here to sign up:
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Year eight will be the year of #LonghornsCAN. Our teachers are focusing on empowering instruction this year, giving students more control over their learning with strategic coaching, and raising the bar for every student at our school. Whenever you catch something fabulous showing the power of empowering students to lead their own learning, showing the habits at home, or showing the incredible impact the Longhorns have on our community, share it on social media with the hashtag #LonghornsCAN.

New District Grading Policy and Scale

The Boone County Schools have officially moved to a 10 point grading scale effective with the 17.18 school year. Moving forward, our grading scale will be:

90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
69 and below = Incomplete

Anything below a 70 will be considered Incomplete. A student scoring an Incomplete in any content area will experience remediation either during or after school until the grade is at 70 or above. If the grade remains Incomplete at the end of the school year, it will become a D or F. Our goal is mastery of content so D's and F's will not be a part of our vocabulary unless we are experiencing an exceptional circumstance.

Remediation may occur during the core content class, during the extension block, or as a part of before or after school ESS.

KinderCamp and KinderCollege: Aug. 1st & 2nd

Kindergarten students and parents are invited to KinderCamp and KinderCollege on August 1st or 2nd. Kiddos will go to classrooms with teachers and paraeducators and parents will be with our in-house Leader in Me trainers to learn more about our full school model.

AM Classes: August 1st at 6pm
PM Classes: August 2nd at 6pm

Meet the Teacher Night: August 9th

We welcome ALL of the Longhorns back to school on August 9th for Meet the Teacher Night. Some of you may meet your teacher at your porch pop in, but we still want you to come out to school, check out your new classroom, and complete some of your back to school "stuff" before the year starts and see what we've done with the place!

4pm: AM kindergarten

5pm: PM kindergarten and 5th Grade

6pm: Grades 1 and 4

7pm: Grades 2 and 3

Free Tees!! on August 9th

Don't forget to stop by the t-shirt tables in the lobby on Meet the Teacher Night. They're 100% absolutely free for students. #longhornpride #iLeadatLongbranch #LonghornsCAN

Bus Practice Runs: August 14th

All buses will drive their routes on August 14th. Students can wait at their stops and meet their driver.

Lunch Fee Deposits

Payable by:
Cash (in envelope with your child's first and last name and homeroom teacher's name)
Check payable to Longbranch Cafeteria
Online here:

Bus Stop and TIming Information

At the time of newsletter publish, the online route finder is still not complete. When it is ready, the link below will be active. You can click the link, enter your address, and it will tell you your stop information. Be sure to select Longbranch Elementary as the stop may be used for more than one grade level.

PLEASE check your routes. Our bus district received 10 new buses. Many bus numbers have changed and most routes have been pushed back 15 minutes.

School Supplies and Kits

The school supply list is on our website and was sent to all area stores on July 1st. If you ordered a kit, it will be waiting for you in your classroom. If you want to bring in your supplies on August 9th, you absolutely can.

School Fees

$70 for grades 3-5 and $65 for grades K-2 (no agenda fee)

Payable by
  • Cash
  • Check payable to Longbranch Elementary
  • Online here: Coming soon.

Why fees? The fee includes a technology fee, a unified arts fee, a workbook fee, an agenda fee, and a general fee that is deposited in the grade level's account to be used for things such as construction paper, graph paper, markers, crayons, laminating film, etc. throughout the year.

Parent Handbook and School Policies

Click here to navigate to the school website. Handbook/FAQ and Policies are both listed under the Parent section. These are helpful to read before the first day of school.
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