Interactive Writing

Stephanie Long, Section C, 2-11-16

What is Interactive Writing?

" Interactive writing is a dynamic instructional method during which the teacher and students work together to construct a meaningful text while discussing the details of the writing process. "

Essential Parts of an Interactive Writing Lesson

Experience- The classroom chooses the writing piece or topic based off of a common experience or task in their life, such as reading a book in class or taking a field trip.

Prewrite- As a group they all decide the form and function of the writing, like who would the audience be and what is the message to be delivered?

Compose- The teacher and students work together to discuss and create the piece of writing

Share the pen- The teacher and student take turns with the pen or pencil to write some of the message or story

Review- The teacher will revisit the writing to touch on high instructional points, such as grammar or spelling situations

Extend- The class continues to use the complete writing piece as an instructional tool or reference

The Key Shifts for Grades 2-5

  • The lesson must be fluid and dynamic. Older students have a better flow between the compose and share the pen steps of writing
  • The share the pen aspect is modified because a lot of the older students can write more at a time with a more in dept vocabulary
  • With the upper grade levels, these lessons aren't needed as frequently, but it helps to have them in longer periods of time
  • Students of higher grade levels also have a higher variety of topics and genres that they can write about

Personal Opinion

I personally think this is a great method for kids to learn more about the writing process. I am a big believer in kids learning through doing, and not just listening. By giving the students this opportunity to write along side with the teacher gives them more room to learn as they are writing, and grow in their learning communities. This also gives them the chance to work with, and build off of their classmates input. Working with the class as a whole could allow a students to come across a different through process than they would have on their own. This article made me think of different approaches as a teacher to direct instruction, and how I could modify them to be more interactive and engaging like this is.

Three open ended questions

1. In what context do you see yourself as future educators using this technique?

2. Do you think this method is equally effective for all kids? Why or why not?

3. Which kind of writing do you think would be best for using this method?

Additional Resources


This web link gave more information on what Interactive learning is and how it works


This video gives a great example of an Interactive Teaching lesson in a real live classroom