Author: M. T. Anderson // Book Report by: Brittany Quiring

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Description of Book:

Set in a futuristic world where computers were planted in humans' brains, two kids met each other on the moon and began a love story. One, being your average teenage boy and the other, being a brainy and clever girl. They were hacked on the moon along with their friends, and had to live without the "feed", the computer inside them, for several days. After getting the feed back, the two lovebirds struggled with their relationship because they had completely different backgrounds. The girl, Violet, had gotten the feed later on in her life and her dad still used the English language instead of just chatting by his computer. The guy, Titus, hadn't remembered when he didn't even have the feed. He was used to getting his way. But when Violet's feed started to deteriorate from being hacked, there was nothing Titus could do. Read this book to find out if Violet was able to survive and if Titus realizes the power of the feed.


I believe that the author, Anderson, was trying to get the message to the reader of how technology and media is starting to control our lives. In this book, the advanced technology was programmed in the peoples' brains and it made it easy to control people.

Four Questions About The Book:

What did you enjoy about the book?

I liked the concept of how technology got so powerful that it could control us humans. It was interesting to read how brainwashed an entire society could be.

Describe the author's writing style.

I did not enjoy the author's writing style. It was like "Flowers For Algernon" but worse. He wrote the entire book in first person, and you could see Titus, the main character, struggle with forming words and sentences. I understand that the author did this because that's how Titus would have been, since he depended on the "feed" his whole life.

Was the ending satisfactory?

The ending was definitely not satisfactory. It ended by Titus going to Violet's house, seeing her almost dying and him realizing that the feed was controlling everybody. After that, the book just stopped. There was no more storyline, but I needed more information. What happened to Titus? Did he go back to his normal life or rebel against the government? I checked, and there was no sequel.

Why would you or why would you not recommend this book?

Even though this book has been nominated for numerous awards, I would not recommend it. The writing style could drive you insane, and even if that doesn't bother you, the plot is really slow moving. Also, if you stick the entire book out, the ending will not satisfy you.