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Picking Up Student Materials

Last Chance to Pick up Student Materials is Friday, June 19th from 10 AM to 12 PM

Hello Mayfield Intermediate School Community!

This is a reminder that your last chance to pick up your child's materials that they left in school is going to be Friday, June 19th from 10 AM to 12 PM. We have already has hundreds of students take advantage of our 2 previous pick up dates that were held in May.

Teachers have cleaned out their rooms and they have collected all the student materials from the desks and student storage units. The teachers placed the materials in individual student bags and our custodial team moved the bags to the gymnasium and organized the bags by homeroom teacher.

Again, the hours are from 10 AM to 12 PM on Friday, June 19th. We ask that you enter Mayfield through the main entrance and proceed to the back of the building in the bus loop. We will have one of the gym doors assigned for 6th Grade students and another door assigned for 5th grade students. You can stay in your car and simply give a staff member a name. The staff member will go into the gym, collect your child's belongings, and then bring it to your car.

Please following the diagram below for the pattern for entering and exiting Mayfield for the pickup.

Continue to stay safe and healthy Mayfield!

Always Learning!

Dr. Donald Frischkorn



Pick up Procedures

In order to follow the guidelines for social distancing we have created a procedure for you to follow when you come to pick up your child's materials.

  • Everyone picking student materials will enter Mayfield Intermediate from the main entrance and proceed to the back of the building where our bus loop is located.
  • Follow the green highlighting on the map below.
  • We will have 2 stations set up. One station will be for 5th grade and the other station for 6th grade.
  • When the next station is available, please pull your car up to the station.
  • Stay in your car and a volunteer will ask you for our child's name. The volunteer will then go into the gym and pick up your child's bag of materials
  • We will bring the bag to the curb. If you would like, we can place the bag directly into your car's trunk. Otherwise, we will leave the bag on the curbside for you to pick up.
  • Once the materials are in your possession, we ask that you exit the bus look and follow the red highlighted route on the map below.
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Library Books

You may return any library books that your student borrowed from the school while you are picking up your materials. We will have boxes located along the curbside labeled for the library. Please simply put the books in the box and we will return the books to the library.

If you are not coming to the school to pick up materials, your child may return the books when we return to the school building during the 2020-2021 school year. If your child is going to Metz, will will have a collection area set up at Metz for Mayfield library books.

Music Instruments

Mr. Tressler and Mr. Souza have been in contact with their students to return any instruments that were rented from Mayfield. You can return your instruments during this time as well.