Background information

Lima is Peru's capital is Lima. Peru's 4 major cities are Arequipa, Trujillo ,Chiclayo, Piura.


Yes, it was controlled by Spain.

Yes, Peru became independent on July 28, 1821

Peru's officially language is Spanish. There flag has red and white. There colors were chosen by Jose De San Martin.

Geophical imformation

It is located right below the equator. Peru is drained by many diffrent lkes, Oeru shares contorol of over lake titicaca with Bolivia, Peerus lowest point is the nourtheast side.

political imformation

There govern ment is constitutional republic there leader is Jise De San Martin.

tourist imformation

people should visit pero for many reason such as to experince its ancient ruins and culture, to meet the people, and enjoy the crafts. People shoud go see the capital lima because its so pretty and it will be a cite to remember.