Curtis Roo Stars

February 2020

A Note from Mrs. Bratcher

Curtis Elementary is an elementary school located in the heart of Weatherford, Texas serving kindergarten through fifth grade students. Curtis partners with families and the community to create a positive, connected learning environment focused on educating the whole child. Highly qualified teachers challenge and inspire students to develop their talents and passions in order to prepare for future success in the global community. Curtis Elementary fosters creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking in all students.

Curtis Elementary has programs and services to meet the needs of all students. These include, Dyslexia, Quest (Gifted and Talented), English as a Second Language (ESL), Reading and math interventions, Innovation class and various clubs.

February 14th and 17th are school holidays for students!

There will be no school in session!

Fridays are Hat Days for $1

Bring a $1 on Fridays to wear your favorite hat!

Curtis Clubs

One a week, students go to clubs during the school day! These clubs will rotate each six week period.

Students were able to choose 3 things that they would like to rotate between every 6 weeks. These were their choices:

Art Club- At Curtis Elementary we're encouraging our students express themselves and have fun while learning and exploring new material and different techniques. In my class I am always looking for students who are trying new things and most importantly really trying their best. I teach my students that their voice is important, and using Art, they can express and appreciate their differences.

Book Club- Through the library book club, students will be able to explore various genres, learn to articulate and share ideas in a group setting, and raise critical reading skills. Most importantly, library book club will inspire a lifelong love of reading.

Chess Club- The history of Chess can be traced back nearly 1500 years. It helps with the development of problem-solving skills, planning, patience, focus of thought and self-discipline. Chess is a competitive activity, where good sportsmanship and fair play is taught as essential elements of the game. Research shows that playing chess can helps grades in all subjects and its fun!! So come join the Chess Club!!

Coding Club -At Coding Club, we think all children should have the opportunity to learn to code, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Having a Code Club at our school allowed students the opportunity to use a computer, which they may not have access to outside of school.

Kick Ball- We are learning the rules ,and how to play kickball!

Music Club- In music club, the older students 3-5 will be focusing on ukulele while learning chords and songs. K-2 will get to play a variety of musical instruments while focusing on rhythms and simple melodies.

School Start Time is 7:50!

Morning and Afternoon Procedures

Our main focus at Curtis is to make sure that your student is safe at all times. Here are our procedures:

  • All doors will remain locked in the morning.
  • Front doors will be opened from 7:15 – 7:50. At 7:50 the doors will close and students will have to go through the office to enter the building.
  • Students may go to cafeteria for breakfast and gym if not eating breakfast.
  • Breakfast is from 7:15-7:50--- Any students that come in at 7:50 or after will take their breakfast to class with them.
  • No left turns into the drive-thru heading west bound on Russell St.
  • Parents that want to conference with their child's teacher must check in at the office.
  • Entry through the back doors is only allowed for staff, handicap visitors, bus and bicycle students during the school day.
  • Please do NOT drop students off to cross the street on Lamar. Students must cross at the corner of Lamar and Russell intersection.

Card System

Parents will use a color coded name card to help with dismissal. Parents are encouraged to display their card in the car window in order to ensure all students safety at dismissal. This will allow parents the opportunity to stay in their vehicle while staff members bring their student to the vehicle. If you are in need of a new card please notify your teacher to get a replacement. If an alternate person is picking up your student, please have them come to the office for verification.

Remember to notify the office in writing or by phone, if your child has an alternative plan for getting home.


-Students will be released at the front of the building to walk to their destination. Staff members will monitor all crosswalks.

Pick up and Drop off Procedures

  • Parents will remain in vehicle and drop students off in the morning and pick students up in the afternoon by accessing the drive off Russell Street leading to the back of the school.
  • No left turns into the drive-thru heading west bound on Russell.
  • K-1 students will use Lane 1 (Inside/curbside lane) closest to the building for drop off and pick up.
  • All other students in grades 2-5 will use Lane 2 (the outside lane farthest from the building) for drop off and pick up.

Buses and Parking

  • Buses will use the front drive in front of the building.
  • No parking, except handicap parking, will be allowed in front of Curtis between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:15 AM and 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.
  • Parking will be allowed along the curb on the west side of Lamar only. NO parking will be allowed on the east side of Lamar.

Thank you for the help and support in making Curtis a safe school!

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Call us at 817-598-2838 if you are interested in our Curtis PTA or want to volunteer at Curtis! Click on the image below to complete volunteer application.

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