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A boy named Darrel is moving to a new school. New schools are always scary but imagine if you were a freshman that looked like a 7th grader. A new school would be 10 times scarier. At least it was for Darrel. He met a girl name Amberlynn and she was nice then he met Tyray he was the opposite. Darrel kept getting bullied by Tyray. Then he met Harold they became good friends. A little while later he joined the wrestling team and gained confidence. He then went to the dance with Amberlynn. Finally he beat up Tyray and that was the end of that.


At the beginning he was a scared, small , and kind wimpy freshman then he joined the wrestling team and gained a small bit of confidence. One of the teachers gave him a book that he compared to him self and kept doing that and it really helped and finally he saw one of his cousins picking on the younger and and he saw himself in the younger one. He was now stronger more confident and was able to beat up Tyray and that is exactly what he did.
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He went to Camden Country Collage then he transference to La Salle University where he earned a B.A in English. After he graduated he got a job at Townsend Press as a Accident editor. Then he wrote the blue ford series.
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These books are alike because both boys don't look entirely like everybody and it is hard for people to stare.They both start new schools find one or two friends and some one that picks on them.But they are different because Aggie`s (wonder) face is disformed and Darrell`s( the bully) not as big as everyone else.I made this connection because of the fact they both get bullied
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