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Be Confident And Be What You Are!

I and Thomas went to Jack Allen's Kitchen for the dinner as I simply love its food and the ambience is also great. On the way to the restaurant Thomas complimented me by saying you are one of the most beautiful woman of my life. I was really touched by it. On reaching the restaurant we grab the corner seat as it is cozy and more quite that the rest of the place. We ordered our dinner and were talking; suddenly someone intervened in the middle by saying “May We Join You”. I and Thomas both simultaneously looked up and notice a big smiling face staring at us.

How can I forget that smile, that big smile can only be of my high school buddy Jessy. We both met after a long time. Jessy was escorted by her husband. Jessy husband and Thomas are good friends so they both went to the bar to grab and drink and left us to gossip. Jessy complimented me for the dress and on noticing the light scars of stretch marks she asked me how can you wear this dress with these scars, don’t you feel uncomfortable or weird with it. Jessy was the mother of twins and had pregnancy stretch marks. From her talk it was clear that she was really low in confidence due to the stretch marks.

Jessy had stretch marks on thighs, which was the main reason that she can’t wear short dresses. I completely understood her problem as I have gone through the same situation. I told her that if the star like Jessica Alba lady gaga can flaunt their stretch marks why can’t we. All we need is confidence to carry them. Be confident in what you wear and people won’t even notice those pity things. Jessy agreed to the facts and promised me to try on her short dresses while going out. Jessy also complimented me for my confidence