Kellie Roth


In computer 7 you enhance your learning and skills on the iPads. You learn and use apps that you see yourself getting. You will be surprised how many apps you end up getting after Mrs.Mow teaches you about them.


Garageband is an app that allows you to record your voice, play virtual instruments, and so much more! It works great for projects that you just need audio for.


iMovie is an app that lets you make movies and trailers. It is very easy to use to. All you do is select if you want a movie or trailer and then all you do is add pictures and videos to the slots.

On trailer you have the option of retro, romance, scary, superhero, swashbuckler, narrative, fairy tale, expedition, or bollywood for a template. These will and music and make them even more awesome.

iMovie Trailers - Romantic Comedy


Chirp is an app that works very well when you do group projects. If you need to send a picture or screenshot from your iPad to your partners, simple open chirp, put your iPads together, and chirp it. It will send it to your partner fast and easy.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an alternative to a presentation. You can focus more on the information you are putting in, than the appearance. You can add a background image if you want. Haiku Deck slides look like a giant flash card without the lines. You can have a tittle then some information. Haiku Deck makes presentations fast and easy to make.

Book Writer

Book writer allows you to make a digital book. It is very easy to do too! All you have to do is pick what type of page you want, and a text box, and start typing. You can also add pictures and links.

Pic Collage

On pic collage you can make a poster with just pictures and some text. You can change the background, add boarders, and much more!