I Am Number 4

By Kaylee Jackson


Title: I am Number 4

Author: Pitticus Lore

Number of pages: 480

Genre: Fiction


Name: Kaylee Jackson

Period: 4


Number 4 has changed his idenity many times. He is from a different planet that was taken over by aliens. He and 8 other children were sent to Earth. They each have super powers. In the beginning of the book Number 4 did not have any powers. Through the book , number 4 stared to get his powers. At the end of the book he had many powers and still more to come. His powers are caused by emotion. When he got emotional he got new powers.

An important Character in the story was number 4's trainer, Henery. Henery was also from the same planet number 4 was from.Herery was an important character because he tought number 4 how to use his powers and how to cotrol his powers.He kept number 4 hidden and safe and was always there for number 4. He acted like number 4's father.


I think the ending of " I AM NUMBER 4" is an effective cliff hanger. The story ends with number 4 and number 6 ridding off in a car. It really makes you want to read the next book to see were number 4 and number 6 end up, and if they ever get caught again.

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