Wildcat Update 10-14-15

Wright City R-II School District

Hello Leaders!

Most of you have taken a Kolbe-A assessment and gone through the Kolbe workshop with me. You may recall, one of the ways I help delineate differences in how different colors approach the same task that they are 'striving' to do well in was to use my wife and I. And, you may recall, one of those differences was in the way we do taxes. Remember the busiest tax day is April 15th...but the 2nd busiest day is...October 15th? That is the 6 month extension. My low Follow Thru / High Quick Start spouse mixed with my high Follow Thru / Low Quick Start me made our taxes in with a few days to spare...in October. When we were younger and were not as aware that we simply had a different conation, we would worry about this and it would be stressful. Now, we still worry, but we laugh at the differences.

Why do I bring this up? We all have to get the job done and done right. Just like the IRS wants perfection, we want a great job too. That doesn't mean we all will get there the exact same way. As you write curriculum or prepare meals or do what you do, remember that we want a great end product...but we all know we are not going to get their on the same path. And that is o.k.

A friend of mine from HS was one of the cops escorting Officer Snyder's casket on Thursday. Life is short. Embrace our differences. Love our kids. Help them have a great self esteem, positive view of authority, knowledge to guide them, and skills they can apply to be successful human beings.

So, below is a picture of Kathy Kolbe and I, as well as a picture of taken by my old football buddy from the Officer Snyder funeral procession. The first because it reminds me to celebrate our differences. The 2nd, because it reminds me how much we need to do so...for the our future's sake.

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  1. Thai King Bhumidol Adulyadej died this week aged 88. How long did he rule for?
  2. What city did a gorilla escape from a zoon enclosure in during the recent days?
  3. Where is the world's largest underground lake?
  4. How many bones are there in the human foot?

Trivia Night

Do you enjoy Trivia? The Wright City Care To Learn is hosting a Trivia night on October 15th. So far, they have only 6 teams signed up...your chances of winning have never been better! Email Kelly Brooks if you are interested.
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BOE Meeting

The October BOE meeting will be on Tuesday, October 18th. We will have them on Tuesdays until spring time. Start time is still 6 p.m.


  • Call to Order and Roll Call of Members
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Approval and Adoption of the Amended Agenda (we added the quarterly finance report)
  • MSBA Board Meeting Review
  • MSBA Annual Conference Review (several members attended)
  • Public Comments
  • Middle School Presentation
  • PAWS Report
  • Curriculum (Jen Hecktor will discuss the fun of K-5 ELA standards...as some simply do not make sense. My favorite example is that one standards says kids will capitalize Weeks. ????)
  • Study Group Charter for K-8 STEM (This will be a 90 day study group that will report out to the Board in January. The focus will be on K-8 STEM opportunities. We will only have report out on this one in January, as we will not know about the budget enough to make those decisions at that time. They will be considered in the budget creation process.)
  • Study Group Charter for Assessment (Discovery Assessment will cease to exist at the conclusion of this school year, as the company is focusing on their Discovery Streaming product instead. Ms. Hecktor has expanded the use of Mastery Connect from the 9-12 to the K-12 setting this year in preparation of Discovery Assessment disappearing, as HS teachers had found that it drove their instruction more. For the BOE perspective, however, Mastery Connect assessments are created in-house and thus are not nationally normed / benchmarked. For the past 2 years, we have reported out HS scores, but they are not necessarily comparable at the BOE level like that of Discovery Assessment. This leaves us with AIMSweb at the earliest grades as the only thing benchmarked after this year. The teachers are stating the utility of Mastery Connect is higher for them, but obviously they are lower for you. This study group will look to revamp the assessment plan and submit to you a recommendation for a new plan in January. They will explore the 'Evaluate' product that is being pushed by some as an alternative MAP assessment system. It is being offered free to us for now by our summer school curriculum provider. The group will also explore the free DESE product. We piloted the DESE product last year (their first year). The outputs were lacking in the first year, but they are working to improve. The group will also explore other products that cost $, as we will be saving $ from the absence of Discovery Assessment. The group will also wrestle with the desire of national benchmarking and the desire of in-house formative assessments currently being created within Mastery Connect, the capacity of technology, and the student time on said assessments.)
  • Award Snow Removal Bid
  • Award Farm Bid
  • WC Hardware Bill
  • Summer School Evaluation
  • Suspensions (discussion if to use 'abeyance' or not)
  • First Reading of Policies JFCF, JFCG, JG-R1, JG-R2 (these are putting us in compliance with the legislation on bullying)
  • Approve Policy IGBCA (this is updated the homeless coordinator in policy to Assistant Superintendent)
  • Homeless Liaison Job Description (required for federal programs tiered monitoring)
  • Quarterly Financial Report (more on that in a minute)
  • Reimbursement of Travel for Austin Jones, Alice Jensen and Heidi Box.
  • Approval of Consent Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Bills
  • Employment
  • Farm Contract
  • Overnight Choral Trip
  • Transfer Funds from Fund 1 to Fund 2 to Cover Certified Salaries (if needed...likely not)
  • Adjourn the meeting

Quarterly Financial Report

At the conclusion of September, we are 1/4 of the way through our fiscal year. We looked at areas that we were over 35% realized in particular. Below is an explanation of those:


Explanations for revenue and expenses that have % Realized over 35%


  • 5141 Earnings/Temp Deposits 69.9% interest received on Series 2007 Bond Escrow Account that was opened last fiscal year as part of the FY16 refundings
  • 5198 Misc Local Revenue 50.2% received $3,000 for breach of contract
  • 5481 Summer Food Serv Prog Health Dept 100.0% revenue completed for the summer school food program
  • 5651 Sale of Other Property 76.0% per actual surplus property sold YTD


  • 6312 Instructl Prog Improvement Serv 62.5% trainer fees for curriculum & assessment training in July 2016
  • 6314 Staff Services 100.0% expense completed for the summer school service provider for the fiscal year
  • 6362 Advertising 36.2% expense completed for advertising related to food service bids and beverage vending machines
  • 6431 Textbooks 53.1% most should be purchased prior to 1st day of school
  • 6451 Resource Materials 46.9% most should be purchased prior to 1st day of school
  • 6481 Electric 36.9% fluctuates based on summer weather (a/c use) – will continue to monitor and make adjustments if needed
  • 6491 Other Supplies 44.9% expense completed for food for the summer school program
  • 6521 Buildings 48.8% summer work: renovation of HS gym and exterior & automatic door installation at East for extremely high needs student
  • 6541 Equipment – Non Instructional 45.4% encumbered PO for a screening hearing machine for PAT
  • 6542 Equipment – Instructional 48.3% chair for high needs student & band instruments purchased before school began
  • 6621 Interest – Bonded Indebtedness 51.3% 50% of interest is paid in Sept each year for all but 1 bond

First 1/4 - closer look

In the previous 2 years, we have expended 16.9% of our budget in the first 3 months. If that is the case this year, then we would be on pace to spend $17,892,768 if including Capital Projects. That is hard to include as we are not building the Early Childhood Center as we were the previous 2 years. Not looking at Capital Projects, we are on pace to spend $17,288,542 assuming the same rate of expenses. That is higher than we have budgeted. In all, not counting Capital Projects, we have spent $2,693,484 in the 1st quarter.

As far as revenue in Fund 1 and 2, we are also higher than budgeted if given the same pace as the previous 2 years. If the rate of collection were to be the same as the 2 previous years when we averaged 11.8% of revenue, then we are ahead by $455,619 in projection. In all, we have collected $1,964,634 in the 1st quarter.

Note, each year we spend more than we collect in the first quarter. We buy early to leverage our use of things. We collect locally much with Property Taxes coming up soon. In fact, 33% of our revenue comes to us in the month of January.

Natural Gas appears to be 6.7% down compared to this time the previous 3 years.

Electric, our September bill was $51,416. In 2014, it was close to that...$52,166. However, in 2015, it was $31,378 and 2013 it was $7,851. Compared to previous 3 years, our first quarter is down 6.2%. However, it is projecting higher than our budgeted amount. Very early on all of these.

Bus Fuel is down 22% compared to the 1st quarter average from the previous 3 years.

Transportation costs are up 27% compared to previous 3 year's first quarter. July, which is summer school payment, is about $5,000 higher. September, is about $23 to $38K higher! We will watch this one very closely.

Medical Insurance is down 21.7%!

Food is up 26.7%.

Salary expenses (certified and classified, sans subs) is up 6.1%!

PSRS is thus up as well, by 5.9%.

PEERS is also up, by 0.7%.

Medicare & OASDI are up 11.0%


Next Week Wednesday is our MAP Medal Night! We will be in the High School. This year, we are putting together a program so that it isn't just names being read. Sarah Bessie, High School Teacher of the Year, will address the crowd. As will Roland Niemann, who was on the Board of Education 50 years ago when the high school building opened up. And more. I hope you can come and help us celebrate some amazing successes.


Our Annual Performance Report is scheduled to be released to the public on Monday, November 7th. While we can't broadcast what the score is yet, I think everyone will be happy. The preliminary appears to be...A RECORD SCORE!!!

That will be good news to share the day before the election!

Kudos Wildcats!

East Elementary Pic by Ms. Beckemeyer

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Thank you Dawn Hickman for the Prop K info sheets!

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East elementary

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West Elementary - Student of the Month

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Friday, October 14

7:00pm Varsity Football @ Bowling Green

Saturday, October 15

Band @ Blue Springs South Competition

9:00am Cross Country @ HighLand

Monday, October 17

Red Ribbon Week

2:30pm Middle school Basketball try-outs start

3:15pm Good News Club

4:30pm Cross Country @ Sun Valley (Elsberry)

Tuesday, October 18

Red Ribbon Week

Senior Composite Picture Day

5:30pm JV Football Home Vs Orchard Farm

6:00pm Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday, October 19

Red Ribbon Week

Staff and Students wear Pink

6:00pm EOC Medal Night

6:00pm MAP Medal Night

Thursday, October 20

Red Ribbon Week

Trivia Answers

  1. Thai King Bhumidol Adulyadej died this week aged 88. How long did he rule for?
  2. What city did a gorilla escape from a zoon enclosure in during the recent days?
  3. Where is the world's largest underground lake?
  4. How many bones are there in the human foot?


  1. 70
  2. London
  3. Namibia
  4. 26