Facilitating the Research Process

In Multiple Settings

The Basics:

  • May take place through collaboration with staff in structured situations.
  • May take place one on one, in the moment.
  • Be prepared for anything and everything!
  • Research may be a part of core curriculum, or may it may not.
  • Challenge students to wonder and conduct research on their own!
  • Ensure resources are available and easy to understand/navigate.
  • Make efforts to encourage Project Based Learning and opportunities for inquiry.
  • Provide expertise in effective search techniques, evaluating resources, using databases, locating primary sources, note taking & sources cards, understanding plagiarism, source citation and using sites such as EasyBib, and structuring a research paper.

How Do We Get There?

  • Start the year off with a "Library 101" course to teach basic procedures.
  • Always make yourself available to help!
  • Stay up to date with curriculum and what is going on in classrooms by attending vertical team meetings, reaching out to departments, eating lunch with staff, and any other means possible!
  • Remember that ELA courses are not the only possibilities for collaboration.
  • Build relationships with local public & university libraries.
  • Take stock of currently available resources and edit/build as necessary. Include career and college readiness resources.