Marco Rubio For President

By Quinn Fournier and Kim Campbell

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio was born on May 28, 1971 in Miami, Florida. He comes from a family of cuban immigrants. He studied at the university of Florida. He later studied law at The university of Miami. He is married to His wife Jeanette, since 1998. They have 4 children. They all love in Florida, where Mr. Rubio is a rep. For the state.

Track Record

Marco Rubio has a very diverse and in depth career in the world or politics, especially because Mr. Rubio is only 44. His experience spams from congressman to senator, and finally the speaker of the house at one point.

Why Should You Vote for Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio is the perfect choice for president. He is the fresh face of the republican party, he is ready to lead. To create a new America era.

What Will He Do?

Marco Rubio wants real change in America. He fights for the issues that matter. Like rebuilding the working class of America. He wants to get government out of farming and defend the small business owners. By reform the federal tax code, to promote growth. This will create good paying jobs. It will also encourage small business owners to expand and grow to hire more employees.

What About Guns?

The right to bear arms is on of the many building blocks our country was created on. It reflects the values of which the country was created for. Criminals will not stop doing harm if there are more laws in place. Gun laws infringe on the right of good, law abiding citizens. We can not have this discrepancy in the country.

Social Issues

Strong families are the foundation of America. Every child should have the right to live in a stable home with a mother and father. He will promote traditional marriage, to create families and lift people out of poverty. He will allow mothers to have payed leave, and tax married couples for less.

New Face and Fresh Policies

Marco Rubio is the breath of fresh air on conservative politics. With his new ideas and leadership, we can build a better America for future generations. He attracts younger republicans and encourages them to vote. So the voice of the people is truly heard. Although more traditional conservatives oppose Mr. Rubio's more liberal approach to issues, he is the change America needs.