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May 5 2016

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

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Mrs. Josephine King

Families and friends call her "Zoey". She has a lot of things that inspires her, from "simple thing to complex". Mrs. King really loves animals, dogs specifically, because "even they do not know how to talk like humans they are full of affections that sometimes humankind are lacking" and also people with disability really inspires her the most, because they have their own unique mind set, they're really loving and caring and she quote " these individual find solitude and peace of mind to their own selves, that most of us do not have". She has strengths and weaknesses she faced being a teacher. Her Strengths; shes a vocal speaker, good public speaking skills, visual learner and has tough personality but with a soft heart. Her most weakness are clowns. She loves working with children and students with disability. "I value these individual to the highest extent!". She also quote "one day I would love to see these kids join a sports fest, or go to a field trip to the choice of their own, or even have a simple get together once in awhile at the beach". The greatest moment happened in her life was when her students ranks high on specific test. she quote "listening to the good news that brought up that your students excel a test specifically made for them is way better than a scoop of ice cream".

Thank You For All That You Do!

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