Saving animals

Jake Justin & Garrett

The problem in our district

There a lot of people coming to our district so we have to make more schools so we are destroying animals homes.

Saving animals habitats

The Issue & Evidence

The issue:We are destroying animals habitats. So animals are showing up in places they shoulden't be.Our Evidence:There Is a skunk roming around are school. 2nd issue coyotes have been injuring family pets.Our Evidence:One of our friends friends dog almost died from a coyote. 3rd issue Animals are getting aggressive to people and are starting to attack.Evidence:My friends dads saw a fox and tried to hit it with a shovel. We can make more floors at schools in our districts we can also put a gym and cafeteria and class's on each floor so we don't damage animals homes. No changes to are school will be needed we will double what we have on the bottom on the top. We can have escalator to get all of the food to the first and second floor. All of the new kids can go on the second floor and hire people for the gym cafeteria & classes. we can put escalators because if the power went off the escalators will act like stairs we also thought of a elevator because if someone broke their leg they could ride in the elevator. If the district accept our plan not as many habitats will be destroyed. Not as many animals will be seen where their not supposed to be. Although if the district does not pick our plan more and more habitats will be destroyed .