20 things millionaires don't do

by akeea

  1. pays for lawn service-by doing it him/herself
  2. go to the hairstylist- more cheaper to dying or go to the cheapest barber shop yourself to save money
  3. using time as a successful measurement- meaning the time spent on something non-valuable
  4. buy brand new cars- instead buy a used or no loan car
  5. carrying a monthly credit card balance- meaning get a debit card
  6. eat out on a regular basis- go to the grocery store and buy food, it saves twice as more
  7. thinks he know at all- don't stop learning
  8. socalize wth people who watse money- not good for you to do this because yuoll want to follow
  9. desire instant gratification- long-term deferred compensation
  10. pay retail for name brand- aviod name brand
  11. keep money in checking account- puit it there and forget it
  12. replace what is not broken- fix things yourself
  13. visit the tanning bed- go out on a sunny day and do it yourself
  14. impulse buy- dont buy things you want buy what you need
  15. waste time on senseless activities- time is morer important
  16. focus his attention on negative obstacles- you can't get there if you can't see it
  17. bet the farm- if it goes all in your gambling not investing
  18. fly first-class- paying $400 for a ticket huge waste of money
  19. rent-owning something is always more effective then renting
  20. earn every dollar he makes at his job- passive income meaning the next millionaire uses his money wisely.