Cyber Bullying Outbreak

Treat people how YOU want to be treated

What is Cyber Bullying Anyway?

Cyber-bullying is using electronic communication and social medias to bully someone.For example, you post up a picture on Instagram of you and your friends.Since one of your friends was not invited, she starts to comment mean things on your photo that both hurts you and your friends feelings.This is one example of cyber-bullying , but don't worry, there are plenty more worse scenarios.There is a cyber-bullying outbreak and it has to stop.[Wikipedia]

How Can We Prevent Cyber-Bullying?

How can we prevent cyber-bullying?Well that's an easy question.All what you have to do is spread some kindness!One way you can spread some kindness is if you see someone sitting alone, go over to them.Start a nice conversation, be friendly, and that will surely bring their spirits up.Another way you can spread some kindness is also if you see someone getting bullied, stick up for them!Dont be a bystander and just watch that person get tormented, that's even worse then being a bully.When you are spreading kindness, remember this saying, "Spread the love, stop the hate!"[Love No Hate Team].