I am David

By: Anne Holm


For David's entire life he has been locked in a Eastern Euorpe prison camp. David knows nothing about the world around him. But when a man gives him the chace to escape he takes it. David struggles to adapt, His only resources are a compass a few pieces of bread and little information to try and go to refuge into Denmark.


I think that the books theme is Courage. David was courages by escaping the prison camp and even taking the risk of escaping. He later is courages by getting in the back of two men's van on his way to Denmark. He eats in peoples houses that could've abducted him. So overall David was courages on his way to Denmark and trying to survive.


The book I am David is about a boy who escaped from a prison camp. He only has a compass and a few bread crumbs to help him try to get to Denmark. Along the way he meets people that want to help. Will he get to Denmark? Or will he die trying?


I think that the Author did a good job on making you feel like your there. She did a good job at describing alot that went on in concentration camps. The Author did an Amazing job on making you want to read more. Overall I think that I am David is an great book.

Concentration Camps

The term concentration camp refers to a camp in which people are confined. The first concentration camps in Germany were in soon after Hitler's appointment as chancellor in January 1933. The camps soon began to establish all across Germany. Then in 1939 the camps started to expand them to hold more Jews.
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