The heart of South America

Climate and Weather

The climate is a sup-tropical

~Rainy season is during the summer from October to April

~The overall average of rainfall is 1,000mm

The weather in Paraguay

~coldest month if the year is July averages to be between 42 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit

~October through April is their summer and averages of to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit

~warm temperatures average 89 degrees Fahrenheit

Population and Language

They're about 4.1 million people that live in Paraguay

They're are two different types of languages they speak:



Their Religion is Roman Catholicism

Major Holidays and Histrocial Sites

Their two major holidays are:

~Christmas and Easter

There are some historical sites are:

~Iguazu Falls

~Itaipu Dam

~Cero Cora National Park

~Ybycui National Park

Food and Sports

They eat less meat and most of their food is grain and corn

Some if the food they make are:

~Corn stew, and Cornmeal mush


Soccer is the most popular sport there

Other sports they play or do is:

~basketball, volleyball, horse racing, and swimming

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Other things to do


~Wildlife Spotting

~Steam Train

~Jungle Trekking

~Trans- Chaco highway