A Guide to PPMS

For 6th Grade Students

Who to Know...

Additional People to Know

Mrs. Kauker, 7th Grade Assistant Principal

Mr. Matz, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

Ms. Soto-Coleman, 7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Fredley, 8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Einhorn, ESE Contact

Coach Blackford, Athletic Director

Officer Michaels, School Resource Officer

Ms. Riibner, Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. DelVecchio, Head Secretary

When will my child receive their schedule?

School schedules will be available on the SIS Student & Parent Gateway beginning July 30, 2019. We have a 6-period day and run a rotating schedule.

Student ID Badges

Students will receive an ID shortly after school begins. All students will be required to wear an ID at all times. Students without IDs will be sent to the media center to purchase a new one. Students will be provided with a lanyard, but may choose to use their own school-appropriate lanyard. IDs are color coded by grade level.

Transportation & Dismissal

School Bus information can be found on the district's website under "Find my bus."

Students either leave out of the front main doors for parent pick-up or they go out of the bus loop doors to take the bus home.

If you're a car rider, we ask that parents drive their car to the front of the line to prevent traffic build-up.

Other Important Information

School Supplies: Teachers will each provide a list of their suggested supplies during the first week of school.

Parent Conferences: Held on Tuesday mornings at 8:45 a.m. Parents must call the school and arrange for a conference in advance.

Textbooks: Textbooks will be distributed after the first few weeks of school. We strongly encourage students to use the online texts whenever possible.

Monitoring Student Grades: Use the SIS Student & Parent Gateway

Bullying: Report to the grade level counselor and/or administrator

Cell Phones: Cell phones are not to be used by students while on campus unless directed by a staff member.

Lockers: Lockers are available for rent on the last day of the Polo Prep Program, 7/31/19, from 12:30 until 3:30 p.m. They are also available after the school year begins. Cost is $5.00 to rent for the year and students must use the school-issued lock.