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Jacobo Villalba news letter

Earthquake PBL

What I learnd about the earhquake PBL was that we cant just live in high risk areas of bigger earthquake because that can cause you to lose your house and become homeless

Driving Question: how can we engeniers construct a two story house in california for tony stark that will withstand a semic activity

30 Hands

What I learned about the project is how we have to take care of the world because we burn fossil fuels which then turns into air pollution. This is all caused by technology

What I enjoyed about the project was the video because all the hard work we done just had to turn into a video and we were done

Inventoin Convention

My project help the envoriment by using less rescources where running out of and using more we have like water so whe cause less air pollution and we have more technologhy.

Are invention helps because its like a wind power fan except with water. The water pushes the fan which conduct electrity