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January 2016

Happy New Year!

Your PHS student services office is an informational hub of academic, career, and personal/social support for students. We send out parent newsletters chalked full of important information for all grade levels!

Regional Placement Testing for UW-Schools

Now that seniors are starting to receive acceptance letters to our UW System campuses, it is time to start thinking about 2016 Regional Placement Testing. Registration for placement testing starts on February 1st. On the placement testing website you will find FAQs about testing and the placement testing contact list. Please note that the FAQs and contact list will be updated in the next few months so please check the website for these updates. You can find all of this information on the UW-Help website.

Financing College- Preparing for Your Journey

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 10-11:30am

Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center 1315 Lime Kiln Rd. Green Bay WI 54311

The first of a two part series, preparing students and their families for the journey ahead of them in paying for college tuition, room & board, and additional living expenses and providing resources for continued support during the school selection process.

All attendees will receive the guide "Planning for College - From campus visits to packing lists and a few steps in between" as well as "Your Financial Aid Journey in 5 Steps".


1. Finding the School that's the Right Fit for you - Academically, Financially, Socially

2. Estimating your total college costs

3. Funding Options & Resources for Support with: Scholarships, FAFSA, Grants, Loans & other sources REGISTER HERE!

Teens and Mental Health

We recently surveyed our PHS students to gain some insight on specific mental health issues they want to learn more about. We discovered that 67% want to learn more about managing stress, 40% want to learn more about anxiety and 33% are interested in understanding depression. We are developing homeroom activities to help explain stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues in more detail. In addition (and more importantly) we will be giving students practical ideas of how they can work on reducing stress in their lives and how to practice self-care/wellness on a daily basis.

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