ECS Appy Hour



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Tools for the Classroom...

iPad Apps...

I recently added a few new apps to your classroom iPads.

  • Teacher Pack 3

  • Khan Kids - You have to set up a free teacher account for this one. Once you do, you will have access to all kinds of short videos, activities, books & leveled readers (fiction & non-fiction) that go with PreK standards. See below for all the activities for Shapes.

And then, Epic is not new, but worth a reminder...

  • Epic!
    Get your FREE Educators account for access to thousands of PreK-5 books, videos, Read-to-me stories and more by clicking the title above. Create student users, track the books they've read, and even grant access at home to encourage reading with Mom and Dad. Create and save assignments and quizzes to track progress of student reading comprehension skills for all content areas.

    I was in there today and did a search on 'Shapes' and a huge list of books, etc. popped up. Good stuff!!

    Go to for how-to videos, lesson ideas, tips, etc. This is an excellent resource and it is already on your classroom iPads for students to use!

Shapes - VC1 & VC2

Here are some Seesaw activities for Shapes...

I want to also mention a couple other apps you might find useful when you teach shapes. (See below) These are all on your classroom iPads.

Khan Kids

For shapes, you can find activities within this app in the following sections:

  • Videos-->Shapes & Measurement
  • Create-->Draw-->Templates to practice tracing shapes
  • Reading-->Writing & Language-->Draw a Circle 1 & 2
  • Logic-->Patterns & Shapes-->Identify Shapes; Recognize Shapes
  • Logic-->Patterns & Shapes:Practice 1&Practice 2--> Identify Shapes; Recognize Shapes
  • Logic-->Focus, Memory, & Flexible Thinking: Basic
  • Logic-->Patterns & Shapes: Basic


Seesaw Save the Date...

I'm working on getting a course submitted in Workshop for a Seesaw training, and once it's approved I will have a sign-up link to send you, but the date will be Monday, October 1st after school!

During that time, we will do a quick overview of Seesaw and then play with the Activities feature and how to utilize that in the classroom with your kiddos.



As your DLC, I can...

  • Collaboratively plan lessons with you that integrate technology
  • Brainstorm & explore new tools with you
  • Co-teach & assist you during a lesson
  • Examine curriculum to determine how tech can help meet your learning objectives
  • Help you Learn a new tool
  • Model technology integration with students
  • Recommend technology tools to augment lessons or projects
  • Troubleshoot & problem-solve instructional issues