History of Internet

Why did the object first come about? Did someone set out to make it or did an accident of sorts inspire the inventor?

In the late 1950's the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was founded in the United States with the primary focus of developing information technologies that could survive a nuclear attack. This project was made on purpose.

Through what stages did the object develope? What caused the changes in the object over time?

If the 1970's were a time of research, the 1980's were a time of development. The TCP/IP protocol was introduced in 1983.

How did the everyday object in questin change the object change the way people behave?

Families and friends can communicate with each other a lot easier and faster by using email and chat room. The Internet has given people great knowledge.

What did the economic impact of the object? That is, how many are made each year, and how many people are involved in making it?

The Advanced Research Projects Agency was the one who made the internet?
Christopher, Jerry, Crystal, Rosemary