The #EitnerEDU Review

COVID-19 Edition

From the Proprietor and Chief Education Officer

I hope this newsletter finds you well and safe.

Navigating these uncharted waters of the educational seas has brought a myriad of challenges, but also a myriad of positivity and learning experiences. While most of us are taking this day by day, others are placing their lives on the line, or doing things they have never done before (i.e. distance learning via YouTube, teaching online via live streaming, and even class management through google classroom). The American spirit continues to rise and we will defeat this virus and get back to our new normal. Whether you are planning for a summer return or whenever your 2020-21 school year starts, we are here for you. We have FREE presentations, podcasts, vids, IG posts, Tik-Tok academic 'dances' and much, much more. Go to and get what you need so you can succeed.

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Need additional activities to teach about COVID?

Jerry Blunengarten is one of the most valuable assets on the internet. For almost 20 years, Jerry has cataloged the internet by collecting thousands of links that are education worthy. Jerry recently updated his 'diseases' page with scads of COVID info and lesson plans. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Dr. Jay Eitner

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