Christmas in Brazil

Feliz Natal! December, 25

All about Brazil's Christmas!

Christmas Brazil Traditions

Brazil's Santa is called Papai Noel. They set off Fire works in celebration of Christmas. They say prayers on Christmas Eve to Papai Noel. Sometimes Kids leave a plain sock next to a window in hope that Papai Noel will exchange it for a present!

Food Traditions

They usualy eat Turkey, Ham, Pork and Home Made Salads. They use Forofa (seasoned Manioc Flour) for most foods. Their desserts are Tropical and icecream.

Merry Christmas

Brazilians say Feliz Natal meaning Merry Christmas. They hang up decorations that sometimes say Feliz Natal on it. Kids and Parents Pray on the Night before Christmas. They pray about their food, Presents and other different things. And when their done they sometimes say Feliz Natal.
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