Inigo Jones, Architect

By Andrew Fournier

Background Info

  • He was born on July 15,1573, United Kingdom
  • He lived in Italy during the Renaissance
  • Architect
  • Inigo traveled all around Europe like Denmark, Vicenza, Venice, and Italy
  • he died on June 21, 1652. in the United Kingdom
  • He worked under the duke of Denmark for a time

His Architecture...

One of the many structures he designed is the Queen's House in Greenwich. He started

it in 1615 and finished it in1635.Sadly, the Queen died before it was finished. Another

structure he contributed to was Kirby Hall. It's located in Corby, Northamptonshire, UK.

It's "ISM"

My Opinion and Skepticism


I like this building because it's so big and beautiful. This looks very renaissance like. The

way the stairways are designed and the shape of it. Especially the balcony. This house

looked a little bit ahead for its time during the renaissance. It's ism is skepticism

because he tried evolving the idea of a prism like house and made it into a more

detailed White House like structure. Kirby Hall's gateway was attributed to Inigo Jones

for building them. He made it pleasing for the eye to look at, and elegant.