Data Charts

Literacy Strategy #11

What are data charts, and why should we use them?

Grade levels: Pre-K through 8th

Data charts allow students to organize their ideas and thoughts on a particular subject. Specifically, data charts can be used during thematic units, a collection of books by the same author, to compare fairytales and folktales, or as a prewriting activity. In summary, data charts help students collect information on a topic in order to analyze and better understand the topic.

How to use a data chart!

1) Design a data chart with CHARACTERISTICS listed at the top of the chart and EXAMPLES on the left side column.

2) Draw the chart. This can be done on a sheet of butcher paper or the white board. Be creative!

3) Complete the chart. Add pictures, words, or statements that go along with the topic. The chart can be expanded as needed.


Common Core

Reading Informational Text and Writing:

- Students conduct research projects.

- Students draw information from multiple print and digital sources.

- Students use the writing process to plan, revise, and edit their compositions.