A New Beginning

A Starting Over Triology By: Brenda Kennedy


The book, Starting Over, is written by author, Brenda Kennedy as part of A new beginning triology. The book has different chapters with different points of views, Angle Perez and Mason Myles. In the beginning it has Angle in an abusive relationship. She goes to a funeral for her dad and her aunt Rosie notices the bruises on her face and immediately knows whats going on. Angles abusive boyfriend, Jim, notices that Rosie knows so he takes Angle home right away. Rosie has cancer and is very sick. She has a plan for Angel though. She then later dies, but then in her will there is a note for Angle to go into her safety deposit box at the bank. There's a note explaining how she has a beach house in Florida that Angle can live in just to get away from Jim. After Angle gets settled into her new house and is starting to get her life together she meets this guy named Mason Myles at the bar. Masons friends know Mason is an eligible bachelor and wants to set him up with someone so they plan a blind date. Turns out his date is Angle. Later on, Angle and Mason start dating and Angle reveals her past to Mason. Mason becomes very protective and is trying to make Angle stay at his house. Angle refuses and goes to get groceries for supper. Mason goes to work at the hospital as a trauma doctor. This one patient comes in all dis mangled because of a car crash. It turns out it was Angle. It was Jim who has been stalking her in a black SUV, that hit her. In the end Angle survives and goes back to living with Mason. We don't know what has happened to Jim yet. There is another book called Saving Angle.


Angle Perez- Angle is a young women with a slim figure. She has mid length brown hair with chocolate brown eyes. She has a bubbly, flirty personality and is a very strong independent women. She has a dark side that she likes to keep hidden, but will open up to the right person.

Mason Myles- Mason Myles is a middle aged, single man who is very charming and has a very genuine personality. His dark brown hair and bright blue eyes compliment his features nicely. He gets very protective over the things he loves.

What I Liked/ Didn't like

  • I absolutely loved this book. It always kept you on your toes and wondering what will happen next. Its a love story and Mason and Angle are perfect for each other.
  • I honestly loved everything about this book. I wouldn't have changed anything.

June 9th, 2015