Winning the Perseverance for rights

Anshul G

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Use the power! Use the mind! Use the perseverance. I will show you one person's story who had a lot of perseverance which gave him a reward. I am also going to show you a different person's story with no perseverance and how that brought him down. There was once a boy named Jimmy.

Jimmy was a Jew who had very low rights because of Nazi Germany. Lots of his innocent relatives got imprisoned because of the Nazis. Jimmy was scared of Nazi Germany. He didn't even try to hide or take his family to a different country away from Nazi Germany. He would always surrender him or his family whenever he saw a Nazi. He did not try to persevere to go against Nazi Germany

On the other hand, there was a Jew named Gustave. He was a boy who was very persistent. Even though Nazi Germany "threw rocks at their face", he still had perseverance from avoid the consequences. He and his family managed to get away from Nazi Germany's Occupied Areas so that they wouldn't have to face adversities. He and his family faced so many adversities but was able to avoid getting beat up by Nazi Germany. Because of Gustave's family's persistence, they were able to sail to America, free from Nazi Germany.

Both of these characters are similar in some ways. One reason why they are similar is that both of them were experiencing adversities because of Nazi Germany. One difference between both characters is that Jimmy didn't have any perseverance to defend him and him family from Nazi Germany, but on the other hand, Gustave and his family were able to defend themselves. Another reason that why these two characters are different is Gustave and his family were able to escape from their main adversity but Jimmy and his family still had to face the adversity of getting tortured by Nazi Germany. These people are similar in some ways but also completely the opposite. You get the point. Gustave had an ability that Jimmy didn't have and that was perseverance. Imagine how Gustave's life improved after he escaped the talons of Nazi Germany. Escaping the darkness of Nazis and going into the shining bright light. Think about what happened if he stayed with the Nazis


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One's desire can be powerful if it is used correctly

Think Think Think! Have you even been motivated to do something good but you gave up? Bad choice. Never give up on your goals! Maybe once, you were so close to accomplishing you goal but you gave up? Never do that. Always continue! That is one of the keys to success. Just think about how you can use perseverance.

One person who improved the world is Martin Luther King Junior. Martin Luther Kind was inspired by people like Mahatma Gandhi. He was inspired to improve the world. The problem was lots of blacks weren't given rights. They were jailed, teased, etc. Luther wanted to fix that. He did alot of things to protest. Problem was that all the things he did to get Blacks rights were higly dangerous but he continued.

He was able to form protest groups, make inspiring speeches,etc to get blacks their rights. He was able to get the government to get Blacks more rights. He was a person who risked his life just for equal rights, but since he was determined to get Black rights despite adversities, this led him into making the world a better place. His protests were peaceful so there was no need of violence getting involved in the protests.

All of the efforts led to a perfect solution. Because of his efforts and perseverance, he was awarded a couple of rewards like the Nobel Piece Prize in 1964. If everybodys' determination improved the world, imagine the wonderland we would be living in. We would have no conflicts


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Slapping the back and whipping the cord

What if right now, you were trapped in a house. Sweaty and tired. One person whipping a cord against your back, you are feeling very tired and hurt. In the past, lots of people were used as slaves in the United States. Lots of family members were separated from their families. This led one man to diminish slavery in the U.S once and for all in the confederacy. You probably heard of this man's name. His name is Abraham Lincoln. He is more than a ordinary president

He didn't like what slaves had to suffer so he decided to try to end slavery. Lincoln didn't have a wealthy family. Because of his hard and persistent work, he was able to become a successful lawyer. He wanted everybody in the US to have freedom. Since there was a lot of slavery in the confederacy in the United States, as a result, Abraham Lincoln wanted to take the slavery and diminish it once and for all. He tried with all his might to get some government power. Because of his hard work, he established the Emancipation Proclamation.

This proclamation freed all slaves within the confederacy. Because of this man's hard work, he was able to save many people from having ruined lives. He was remembered for all of time because of his perseverance. Changing the world isn't as hard as you think. No matter how much low power you have, you need one thing. Perseverance.


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The Basic Steps of Giving Good lives

Change everybody! Think about what happens when you change yourself and add a pint of resilience, a cup of bravery, and a gallon of perseverance. What do you get? You get a whole new you and use the whole new you (with the gallon of perseverance), to improve the world. The perseverance is the main ingredient which got you the whole new and improved world.

Getting the rights you deserve is not hard, it is just tedious. Don't let the government take away your rights. You are the the one that can control yourself. Do anything you can to give yourself rights (and/or rights for other people).

Do things such as hire a lawyer, make a protest group, etc. Most importantly, don't let anybody take over you. Be the person that gives everybody freedom. For example, you should be able to chose if you want to marry and how you are going to live. All you need is perseverance in order to achieve your goals. The government shouldn't force you to sacrifice you happiness for the country. Think about what's best for you. Pretend nobody is controlling you.

You are a person free from any rules. Don't get influenced by other people (except parents). For example: If the government takes your rights, don't just sit. Do something. Imagine what would happen if nobody had the perseverance to go against the government. You would probably be the servant of the government, living in a small house with nobody. You know what to do. GET UP


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The Only "Right" man in the world

Anybody is able to change the whole world by just using the qualities a "right person" would have. Just think about how you can improve the world if you are full of determination. always resilient, and always overcome adversities. You use all these to make the world into a diamond. A lot of people like Mahatma Gandhi have all these qualities which made them benefit the world. For example: He was able to make Indians feel like something in the world.

One day while he was in South America, he realized many Indians in South America had very low rights. For example: One time, he was beat up for not giving his seat to a European Passenger. In 1906, he decided to take action. He made a campaign to go against the government. At 1913, lots of Indians were imprisoned and killed for protesting and fighting. Finally, he was able to get the government to give Indians in South Africa a lot of rights. Gandhi's Perseverance inspired many people to take action. That is the power of determination and perseverance.

Gandhi was also able to get Indians in India rights. There was a time when India was controlled by British. When British declared a big tax salt on 1980, this caused Gandhi to spring into action. He was able to make the British Government compromise. Gandhi was very persistent. Even though he was doing a lot of things to go against the British Government, he was successful. He was able to change the world by being determined and having all the qualities a "good" person would have. If a normal person can change the world, why can't you? You are a person full of power and good qualities.


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