The Gifts of Giving

By: Paige Rolling

Dear Mom and Dad,
I want to tell you some things that you do that I am thankful for. I only have a few things in this story, but trust me, I have many more. I hope that you will see how much I appreciate what you do for me every single day.
I’ll tell you about shelter. We have to be thankful for our house, because many people do not have a house, and we do. I appreciate it when you clean it. A lot of people know, you have to work for money to pay for the mortgage. I am very thankful for that.
I’ll tell you about food. You need food to live! I am thankful for that. You have to buy food, so you guys buy all of our food. Everyone needs money to buy food, so you work for money to get food. It is very good that you buy silverware and plates, so we have something to eat with.
Last, but not least, love. you give me love every day. You both help me with my problems. you come to hospital with me when I need to. When my stomach hurts really bad you are there for me. I am thankful for your love.
I hope that you realize how much love your care.


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