Kindergarten News

Mrs. Knakal

Kindergarten Tidbits

CE Talent Show: Clarkston Elementary will have a talent show on Friday, March 11th. The kindergarten classes will be a part of the show. They will be practicing for this during the school day. You will need to bring your child to the talent show, if they want to perform with their class. This is not mandatory, but the children love being in the talent show.

Valentines Day Party: We will be having our Valentines Day party on Feb. 12th. I am looking for parents who would like to plan and organize the party. This is our last party of the year. Please contact me if you can help out. Thank you for your support!

Kindergarten Donations: If you would like to donate to Kindergarten, we are in need of paper towel, baby wipes and glue sticks.

Outdoor recess: The children go out for recess everyday. The only time they stay in is when it is raining or the wind chill is below zero at recess time. Please make sure your child brings coat, hat, gloves, snow pants and boots everyday. They are outside for 30 minutes and they get cold if they are not dressed for the weather.

Raz-Kids: Our PTO has purchased a membership to RAZ-KIDS for every student at CE. I am sending home the information you will need to access Raz-Kids from home. Raz-Kids is a reading program that gives your child books they can read at their level. It is a wonderful program, The children will enjoy it.

What is Happening in Kindergarten

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's workshop we are learning to read pattern books. The children find the pattern of words that repeat and then hold the pattern in their head so they can read the book. They have looked for patterns by looking at the pictures and words that repeat. We are looking for words we know and pointing to the words as we read. Reading pattern books is a fun adventure in reading.

Writer's Workshop

We are writing pattern books in Writer's Workshop. The children are thinking about something they know and can do. Picturing it in their head and then writing about it using a repeating pattern, such as I can.... They are really love writing the pattern books. We have talked about writing a title that matches the information in the book and making sure our pictures go with the words on each page. We are becoming authors!


We have had some fun math centers. These centers are reviewing information we have already learned about. So we have been sorting shapes by how many sides they have, we have been matching numbers with the correct tens frame and we have been playing a game where we trace and identify our numbers. Next week we will start our unit on measurement.

January Events

January 18th: No school. Martin Luther King Day

January 19th-22nd : Spirit Week. See note that was sent home for daily events.

January 28th and January 29th : Half day of school.

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