Dangers of Student Loans!


How prominent are student loans today?

Nearly twenty million Americans go to college and over sixty percent of them have to take out loans. Loans are looked upon as a gift to help pay for students college when in reality they are just as bad if not worse than a regular loan.

How much of an impact does student loans have on America?

America has a trillion dollars worth of debt because of student loans and over eighty five million dollars of this money is overdue meaning that Americans don't have the money to pay the monthly amount when the time comes around. Seven out of ten people in the United States are broke and a major reason for this is because of student loans.

How to avoid student loans.

Attend a community college and work at the same time or save up money for the college you would like to attend. There is also the option of joining the military in order to pay for college. There are plenty of options to avoid student loans but they aren't easily accessible.