My Smore Flyer

iDream Passion Project: Update 3-20-16

In 3 weeks, the iDream project will be due. This project, which began back in November, has been a huge collaboration between the school and home. I appreciate all you have done to ensure that your student has been successful.

With the upcoming holiday on Friday, March 25, the STAAR tests on Tuesday, March 29, and Wednesday, March 30, and Camp Grady Spruce on Thursday, April 7, most classes have just 1 class day left before their project due date. Please check your student's calendar. The students in the Thursday class and I will talk about their due date this week. It will need to be adjusted.

Many of the students have completed their projects and have already brought them to school. I have encouraged the students to bring their projects as soon as they have finished to share with us. Please have your child bring his/her presentation and product to school this week or next if he/she has finished.


The next 2 weeks, I am teaching students how to create an academic list of sources of information or bibliography. We will use the website Easybib to guide the process. If you are not familiar with this great tool, please take some time to click on the link above and look around. "Back in the day" students had to cite their sources "by hand." It was very tedious. With our modern technological advances, students are able to write a correctly formatted citation with just a few clicks of the keyboard.