Canned Goods Update

Over the past weeks members of Peace and UUFC have worked together on the Advent tree decorations and the Christmas Eve service.The highlight came when attendees from both congregations gave a generous $326 for canned goods to be purchased for Clemson Community Care. The reality is that I didn't publicize the invitation to bring canned goods. When I shared with the Christmas Eve congregation that we were only 200 pounds short of our TWO TON goal, congregants from both congregations gave so generously. Then after the service, Peace Congregation member, Joanne Batten, graciously volunteered to shop for canned goods for UUFC. Peace Congregation member, Cynthia Warner, had connections with other CCC volunteers who directed them to the best place to shop. After many hours shopping and lugging lots of canned goods and diapers, Cynthia and Joanne took 490.25 pounds of food to Clemson Community Care from our two congregations! Thank you Joanne and Cynthia--and thank you to the members of Peace who both helped UUFC achieve our two ton goal but contributed over two hundred pounds of canned goods from Peace. It truly is amazing what we can accomplish together.

Our two congregations are strengthened when we work together. Terre