The Ravenmaster's Secret

Elvira Woodruff


This book is about Forrest Harper who is the son of the Raven Master. His farther is a warder at the tower of London and is also the Raven Master. They are supposed to get a big Scottish Rebel as a prisoner, but instead they get Maddie the daughter of the Scottish Rebel. Rat(Forrest Friend) and Forrest go to bring Maddie her Supper and they become friends. Maddie is supposed to be executed and Rat and Forrest have to save her. They save her and Rat leaves with her and her Father's friend. Forrest stays at the Tower of London and grows up. He becomes Raven Master, gets married, and has children.

You Should Read this Book

You should read this book because it is very interesting. If you like action and adventure you would like this book.That is why you should read this book.